Mr. Mario Genovese

Public Relations

Director at GTI Group Co Ltd

GTI Group Co Ltd, Mario’s initial business could not have initiated its business paths in a tougher period. Way back in 1985 Mario started a travel outlet and a fashion business in the heart of St Julians and as government restrictions were put in place for importations from the UK followed by Italy and then France it mainly made running an up market fashion business next to impossible. Notwithstanding all this GTI Group grew to become a major player in the multi brand designer field importing labels such as YSL, Gianfranco Ferre, Armani, Nina Ricci and also many medium studio designer labels. GTI Group represents more than 27 brands to date.

Mario was also appointed on various International Fashion boards such as the EMRF and voted chairman for the AIPPD for three years running for the far east region hence his vast knowledge in the fashion industry. He has also been involved in various other businesses from catering to property investments and in recent years went on to develop a media branding business for foreign fashion brands creating all the necessary tools and strategies for the foreign aggressive markets.